Updated: Apr 28, 2021

"Hello and welcome to Ilha Grande, my name is Bruno and I like to consider myself the luckiest tour guide in the world"

I feel very privileged to live and work in this Paradise and it will be my pleasure to show you, not only Ilha Grande's highlights but also its hidden treasures.

Living and Guiding in Ilha Grande

I would say that I have been guiding people and showing this beautiful island to visitors since I was 13 years old

Of course the things were very different back then, Ilha Grande was mostly known for being a former host of a High Security Federal Prison, tourism was far from reality but slowly the beauty of its nature, crystal clear waters, peaceful beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and an unique biodiversity started to change Ilha Grande's fame, in 1994 I was a child that moved from São Paulo and instantaneously feel in love with everything in this amazing Island.

I wanted to explore and enjoy the place but I was a too afraid of hike alone, partially because of the wild animals but mostly because of stories and myths people used to tell that time :-) so on my days off school I would approach tourists and invite them for a hike, it was a win win situation, I could tell them everything I've learned about the Island and also have some companion for my hikes.

Between showing places and also discovering new ones I have virtually explored most of the places worth to know in the Island.

Now I have transformed my old hobby and vocation into a profession and became a licensed ecotourist guide.

Why to choose me?

I love to take my travelers to all those special places I have discovered along the years

I always aim to deliver the best tours in Ilha Grande and be the best tour guide for my guests.

I love to take my travelers to all those special places I have discovered along the years and make their visit to Ilha Grande, the best part of their entire holidays.

Making the Perfect Tour

If you wish to visit Ilha Grande in an unique way, look no further

I can also tailor-made a tour that fits your schedule and special requirements so you can have the best experience in Ilha Grande.

You can count on me whether you fancy a more relaxing experience, like walking and boat tours or more adventure activities like camping on remote beaches or multi-days expeditions.

Please feel free to contact me with any query, I will be happy to customise the tour experience.

I am looking forward to see around, feeling the sand beach beneath our feet.