What to bring on Ilha Grande's trekking expedition

This is undoubtedly a question that everyone who wants to make an expedition in Ilha Grande asks themselves at some point in their planning.

During our expeditions, we use the local accommodation and food services, so we can enjoy the delicious local cuisine and take the weight off the backpack, since we do not need to carry items such as a tent, sleeping bag, towel, insulation, cooking equipment, food (except for a small trail snack), etc...

The equipment that we mark with Links, are equipment that we know and we recommend for its quality and cost-benefit If you are looking for one, don't buy anything that you don needed.

Whenever we talk about Ilha Grande's trekking expedition, it is important to inform that crossing Parnaioca-Aventureiro and vice versa is prohibited and must be done by boat, unless you have been expressly authorized by INEA

Finally, it is worth remembering that although vaccination for Yellow Fever is not mandatory, it is recommended that you be up to date when visiting Ilha Grande.

* ID or Passport


* 45l+ Trekking Backpack

* Attack backpack (optional)

* Hiking boot / shoes

* Dry Fit / Polyamide shirts

* Anorak

* flashlight

* raincoat

* slipper

* hat

* swimsuits

* waterproof bag

* walking stick (1 or 2)

*safety pins or pegs to hang wet clothes in the backpack during the hiking

* outlet plug extender

* repellent plug

* snorkel (optional)

* 200 l garbage bag for beach cleaning activity (if authorization is given

to cross the reserve)


* sunscreen

* sunglasses

* hygiene kit

* muscle pain relief rub

* analgesic / muscle relaxant that trusty

* rash cream / ointment

* adhesive tape or plaster for blisters

* insect repellent

* snacks for the trekking (between meals).

* water 2 l

Bônus Tips:

If you use any medication, make sure to bring it with you, only Abrãao Village has Pharmacies

During the crossing we will rely only on small shops in some villages and options are limited.

* Hiking snack for the first day or two E.g. peanuts, dried fruits, nuts,

cereal bars, sweets like chocolate or candy, Gatorade, sandwich, etc. during the

crossing we rely on small shops and options are limited.

* cell phone signal and Wi-Fi are precarious or with no coverage in some places on the island, there are no banks or ATMs, it is recommended to take some cash for food, drinks, souvenirs and others.

Now that you know what to take, check out this tips to pack your backpack like a Pro (Portuguese)